• Prospective Members and Candidates interested in joining or having any questions about membership in general, contact our VP of Membership at membership.bapgsu@gmail.com.
  • Firms and other Professional Organizations looking to become involved with Beta Alpha Psi, please contact our VP of Operations at operations.bapgsu@gmail.com
  • Students looking for networking/recruiting advice, please contact our Faculty Advisor
Officer Name Email Address
President Mark Taylor Humpherys president.bapgsu@gmail.com
VP of Finance Daeyoung Hwang finance.bapgsu@gmail.com
VP of Treasury EJ Lee treasury.bapgsu@gmail.com
VP of Reporting Adwoa Osei reporting.bapgsu@gmail.com
VP of Operations Jiayang Lu operations.bapgsu@gmail.com
VP of Events Vacant events.bapgsu@gmail.com
VP of Service Gary Patel service.bapgsu@gmail.com
VP of Faculty Relations Natasha Malize facultyrelations.bapgsu@gmail.com
Webmaster Christine Laursen webmaster.bapgsu@gmail.com
VP of Membership John Quinlan membership.bapgsu@gmail.com
VP of Activities Vacant activities.bapgsu@gmail.com
VP of Business Development Vacant businessdevelopment.bapgsu@gmail.com