Member Requirements

Complete a Semester of Candidacy

  1. In order to become a member of Beta Alpha Psi, you must complete a semester of candidacy (see candidate requirements).
  2. Returning members must fulfill requirements in the following categories in order to be active for the current semester:
    1. Educational Requirements
    2. Financial Requirements
    3. Participation Requirements
*IMPORTANT! All members considered “Not in Good Standing” at the end of the semester will be suspended and not allowed to participate in the following semester’s activities.  Suspended members will then be given the opportunity  to redeem themselves in the semester following suspension.


Levels of Membership

There are two levels of membership of Beta Alpha Psi as discussed in the “Participation Requirements” below:

  • Standard Member
  • Superior Member

A Superior Member is given an honorary dinner with other superior members, leadership, and firm professionals at the end of the semester. 

Participation Requirements

Standard Member

  • 2 – Professional Meetings
  • 2 – Proctoring Events
  • 1 – BAP Sponsored Community Service Events
NOTE: Those members that do not fulfill standard member requirements will be considered “Not in Good Standing” and will forgo membership the following semester.

Superior Member

  • Professional Meetings: Attend FIVE [5] Professional Meetings throughout the course of the semester
  • Proctoring: Attend ONE [1] schedualed Proctoring session for either ACCT 2101 or ACCT 2102
  • Community Service: Participate in THREE [3] BAP scheduled Community Service Events
NOTE: Superior Members will be rewarded with an EXCLUSIVE “Superior Member Dinner” at the end of the semester.


Complete the Membership Application

Complete the Membership Application before the first meeting of the semester in order to remain active for that semester.

NOTE: Members must be enrolled in one or more classes for the semester.

NOTE: Don’t forget to go to STEP 4 to pay your dues online

Financial Requirements

We accept payments in the form of cash and checks which can be brought to our first meeting. You can also pay online through Paypal.

All candidates and members are required to pay SEMESTER DUES  or forfeit their opportunity to participate in BAP Activities
Semester Dues Include:

  • $50 Member Fee
NOTE: There will be $2 additional fee when you pay online!

Member Fee – $50.00

consultation_icon Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact the VP of Membership: