Professional Meeting can be very frustrating!  Getting worried about how to dress-up, how to communicate with firm representatives, what to take to the meeting? Rest-assured, we are here to help you reduce your anxiety! Please follow the guidelines to before going to the meeting:

  1. Dress Professionally.
    1. Men: A dark business suit, conservative dress shirt worn with a tie, and dress shoes.
    2. Women: a dark skirted or pants suit, conservative dress shirt, hosiery and pumps (closed toe with a heel).
  2. Have your Resume ready. (i.e. Printed on resume paper!)
    NOTE: Please refer to Sample Resume to make sure that your resume follow the appropriate format.
  3. Make sure to bring a Pen and Paper to write on.
  4. Approach the firm representatives with a smile and introduce yourself. (i.e. Name, Major, Junior/Sophomore/Senior/Graduate Student)
  5. Ask Questions!!
    NOTE: If you don’t know what questions to ask, please refer to Sample questions to ask firm representative.
  6. Make sure you ask for their business card or if they don’t have one ask for their contact information

Additional Information